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I hope you find your stay here very much to your liking - the world of alternative realities is not an end in itself, but rather intelligence and sensitivity.

четвъртък, юли 21, 2011

The Price of Trust by Stanka Pencheva

Translated in English by Hristo Boev

Thus I am created
that I prefer
to smile instead of to frown
to caress - instead of to hit
to believe - when our eyes meet.
I have trusted and been deceived.
Even the dearest, the closest ones
Have trampled on my love
With dirty feet
With words they have lured me into sin -
and again they were looking in the eyes.
They may lie to me a hundred times.
Let them!
But let me not fail to see
The truth in the eyes for once
Not lying to me.

Цената на доверието - Станка Пенчева

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