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неделя, юли 24, 2011

I Want to Remember You like That by Dimcho Debelyanov

Translated by Hristo Boev

I want to remember you like that:
Homeless, hopeless and sad,
In my hand intertwined a flaming hand
To my chest a grieving face reclined.
Far away the city winces smoggy marred,
Beside us ahill the forests shudder clear.
And our love is as if more dear
Because we have to part.

I leave with the dawn, you come with it
And bring me your farewell gaze alit
So I can remember it faithful and in rue
On the hour she will me subdue!
Oh weary petal broken by the storm,
Pray not, believe in our spring
An undreamed dream will hardly lag
And to me you will come back!

Ever darker falls the night upon us,
Bats are drawing their nets in the dark,
Helpless you await your last resort
In my faith I’m not much of a believer thus.
And so you let go your flaming hand
As you go, your gaze riveted in the dark
Too weak to even shed a tear
I want to remember you like that…

Аз искам да те помня все така

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